Specializing in the Green Industry, Frank Ross is one of the country’s most highly regarded consultants.

His in-depth work on several national industry financial studies along with more than thirty-five years of hands-on experience with hundreds of the most successful companies in the country gives him unparalleled knowledge of what Green Industry firms do to become profitable and what steps they must take to make money.

Actively serving on several Boards of Directors in the construction and financial communities, he is widely respected as an astute construction economist and financial consultant, and is nationally known for his innovative techniques in the areas of strategic planning, job pricing and cash flow management.

An engineering graduate of North Carolina State University, Frank has performed postgraduate study in the fields of tax law, psychology and applied mathematics.  Certified by the Institute of Management Consultants, chosen for membership in the ANLA Hall of Fame, and recognized for his many contributions in WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA, he began his consulting work in the mid-sixties and, in the early seventies, became President of the Chicago-based firm of Ross-Payne & Associates, Inc.

Frank’s considerable knowledge of how to adapt proven management techniques to the peculiarities of the construction industry, coupled with his energized delivery, make him highly sought after as a speaker. In addition to his consulting and speaking engagements, Frank is frequently featured in industry publications concerning pertinent topics dealing with the management of construction companies in today’s competitive marketplace.