About Three Point Group (3PG)

In 1999 Jeffrey Harkness started Contractors Consulting Group and 10 years later re-branded and expanded with partners Frank Ross and Kevin Kehoe to form Three Point Group (3PG). Three Point Group works with business owners to create, execute and monitor plans that help businesses and their owners grow smarter, maximize business value, and create wealth by executing an exit strategy.

Three Point Group focuses on relationships rather than transactions, and the goal is to help owners build wealth inside and outside of their business.

The typical client is a business owner whose business generates between 1 million and 50 million in annual sales revenue. They have reached certain levels of success, however, there are growth, management or succession issues keeping them awake at night. Our goal is work with ownership as their “quarterback” bringing strategies, tools, and planning together to accomplish an owners goals and objectives.

Objectives Three Point Group Has Helped Customers Achieve:

  • Position and sell a business for maximum value
  • Profit and cash flow improvement with better accounting and management systems
  • Increase in revenue with pricing strategies and programs
  • Raise capital for growth or acquisitions
  • Buy a business or competitor
  • Benchmark a business against high profit industry peers
  • Unique compensation and bonus plans to attract, retain and reward key employees
  • Minimize taxes through effective planning

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